I guess credible just means less crazy

We all heard about Harold Camping claiming the world would end May 21.  And look at that, we’re still here (but he said it really did happen “spiritually,” what ever that means.)  This all seemed to upset one local shaman.

I have to agree with somethings this guy says.

Camping, who now says the world will end on Oct. 21, is an 89-year-old tragedy of biblical illiteracy, wrapped in the guise of a faithful disciple. He is a religious huckster in a suit who ought to be held accountable for fraud.

I would think that about most preachers.  Oh, but you just mean him.

He then goes on about how the media makes these figures like Camping in order to make religion look stupid and secularism look sensible.  This is just another form of the religious persecution complex.  It’s not the media making you look dumb, you all believe in essentially the same silly magic so it’s you making faith look like that.   It’s actually not that hard to make religion look stupid.  It’s just not usually done because showing how silly religion is upsets plenty of people.  The only reason the media is exposing  these ridiculous views is because Camping is making a sensational claim with a specific date.  The only difference to what most say including  this fellow is that yes the end will come but we’re vague about it.

He does have part of it.  The media latches onto these stories because they sell.  That is their only agenda.  Not to make religion look dumb.  In fact most media probably wouldn’t want to show how silly mainstream religion is because they would upset enough viewers and readers that it would lose money.  And people like Camping certainly use the media to get more attention.

Are loud people like Camping drowning out “credible” voices in the media?  I guess, but mostly just because those not as loud are a lot more boring.  What would get more page hits, saying the world will end tomorrow, or you don’t know when it will end?  But I bet we still hear more about these “credible” types than we do things promoting secularism.  That’s again because that’s what readers want.

So what do you mean by credible?  You believe essentially the same thing, your magic sky fairy will drop by again and make those subjective to him float to your sky party.  The only difference is Camping gave a specific date.  So it would seem something religious is only credible when it is all vague and no specifics, in other words no way to prove wrong.  It’s not that you’re more right, you just haven’t given specifics to be proven wrong.


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