How do you know God is on your side and not his?

The city of Cleveland for once actually wants to preserve some historic buildings.  I’m usually for that, we tear down too many awesome buildings.  But a pastor of the church that happens to own some of them is upset because they wanted to tear them down.

If we have a government in the city of Cleveland that says we can’t exercise our constitutional right to the free practice of religion, there’s something wrong with our government.

The city isn’t impeding your right to practice whatever magic you want.  That is a totally separate issue.  The councilman simply sees a historic building he has a duty to protect and is doing that.  I don’t know why you’re yelling at that straw man, the argument is over here.

Then he pulls his special pastor privilege.

You can’t fight God and prevail,” Sadler said. “He’s not fighting me. He’s not fighting the church. He’s fighting God.

Ok, he’s not fighting you, so just sit back and do nothing.  Don’t impede the councilman in anyway.  Just sit tight and wait for your magic bearded sky fairy to bring this fight into the courts.


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